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A colonoscopy is a non-surgical examination of the rectum and colon, using a long narrow tube with a tiny camera at the end. Learn about preparing for a colonoscopy here.

Reason For Procedure

Colonoscopies help us diagnose colon conditions and screen for colorectal cancer.

Types of Colonoscopies


This type of colonoscopy is a preventive measure to detect early colorectal cancer or tissues that could become cancerous. Read more here.

Surveillance or Diagnostic

These types of colonoscopies are done on patients who have had precancerous polyps or other gastrointestinal symptoms.


Upper Endoscopy

An upper endoscopy is a non-surgical examination of the upper digestive tract, using a long narrow tube with a tiny camera at the end.

Reason For Procedure

Endoscopies help us to diagnose upper digestive tract conditions, and may sometimes be used to treat diseases.

Other Procedures

Other gastrointestinal procedures may be recommended for your symptoms or conditions. Some of these services include:

 Small bowel video capsule endoscopy

 Small bowel enteroscopy

 48-hour bravo pH capsule

 Esophageal manometry

 H. Pylori testing

 Hemorrhoid treatment

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