My Spouse Belches Too Much

My Spouse Belches Too Much

Belching can be a common problem. It can also be a funny one until it gets annoying.

At Imperial Digestive Health Specialists, we have the expertise to address this topic, especially if it’s causing issues for you physically — and, oddly enough, relationally. Yes, the spouse that comfortably lets out a burp without thinking twice about it can embarrass others and be perceived as downright rude.

Dr. Ewelukwa and our team can get to the root cause of your issue and provide the treatment you need. Oftentimes, belching is a sign of acid reflux, among other medical conditions. 

Causes of belching

When you eat food, it travels from your mouth down through your esophagus, then down into your stomach. That’s where your body uses acid, bacteria, and enzymes to break your food contents into nutrients to give you energy.

Sometimes when you swallow a drink that has bubbles in it or food, gas can travel back up through your esophagus and cause you to burp.

The main culprits that can cause burping include:

If you eat fatty foods, you can get heartburn, which can also make you burp.

When belching can be a problem

Burping is normal. On average, most people burp as many as four times after a meal. However, certain illnesses can cause more serious issues. When acid travels back into your esophagus, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or acid reflux, can cause you to suffer from heartburn, which is a burning sensation that happens in your chest or throat. 

In most cases, over-the-counter medicines can help you manage it. But if you burp often, you might need to change your diet or take medication that we prescribe. 

Other issues that can cause you to belch frequently include:

If you have excessive belching, you should come in to see us to find out the root cause. Chances are, there’s an easy solution to your issue.

Ways to stop burping

Burping is often a manageable problem. If you don’t have a medical condition, here are a few ways to help you stop belching:

If some of these tips and lifestyle changes don’t help, you might have a medical condition that needs attention.

If belching is an issue for you or your spouse, make an appointment with our team for an evaluation and treatment. This doesn’t have to be a problem for you. Call us today at 281-305-0423 at our office in Katy, Texas, or feel free to text us at 832-639-5725. You can also request a visit online.

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