Are Laxatives Safe to Use Regularly?

Are Laxatives Safe to Use Regularly?

If you’re constipated, one of the easiest things to do is pick up an over-the-counter laxative and take it as prescribed on the box. But, hold on! You may be creating an even bigger problem.

At Imperial Digestive Health Specialists, we have the expertise to give you guidance on how to take care of your constipationDr. Ewelukwa first works to find the cause of your constipation. He assesses whether you simply need to make some changes to your diet or lifestyle, or you have a more serious issue that needs medical assistance.

Understanding constipation

If you’re irregular on occasion, you’re normal. But if you have stools that are hard, dry, and don’t pass from your body easily, you’re most likely constipated. 

Constipation can cause a host of issues, such as:

If you deal with constipation on a daily basis, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ewelukwa. Though you might feel embarrassed about the topic, don’t be. It’s far more difficult to live with the discomfort of constipation than it is to discuss it with a professional who can help you.

Solutions for constipation

If you struggle with constipation, you can usually regulate your system by drinking an adequate amount of fluids and eating a diet that’s rich in fiber. Exercise helps, too.

If your lifestyle enhancements don’t seem to work, you can take a laxative, but do it with caution. If you take them too often, your body may become dependent on them. Ultimately, laxatives can cause an adverse effect.

Understanding laxatives

Using laxatives for occasional constipation can work safely and efficiently. Just read the label and follow as directed. However, understand that laxatives can affect people differently.

For the most gentle approach, turn to bulk-forming laxatives (fiber supplements). They can regulate your bowel movements, and are considered safe for long-term use. When taking laxatives, the goal is to restore your colon’s natural ability to contract.

Laxatives come in different forms — liquids, suppositories, pills, and capsules. You can also give yourself an enema to release your stool.

At Imperial Digestive Health Specialists, we can also prescribe a laxative for you that’s easy on your digestive system. We can also monitor your progress with it, and give guidance on when to stop using it.

If you struggle with constipation, visit us at our practice in Katy, Texas for an evaluation. Getting to the root cause can help us solve your issue. We can also give advice on how to manage this issue on your own. Call us at 281-305-0423, send us a text at 832-639-5725, or use the online booking feature today.

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